Monday, May 28, 2012

Dentist and Digital Signage

Dentists are healthcare professionals providing dental care including; preventative, cosmetic, and restorative dental services to patients. What many dentists are not is SALESMAN! Digital signage presents an opportunity for the dentist to effectively communicate to their patients about dental health care and the many services their office renders. Consider this, a patient is waiting for his regular dental check-up & cleaning. The patient is engaged in the digital signage which is discussing the both the aesthetic & health benefits of orthodontics. The patients is now inquisitive about the orthodontic services offered by your office, thus opening up a discussion with the dentist. What we have noticed since deploying digital signage in dental offices, is that the patients are now inquiring about services, rather than the dentist having to encourage additional services. The benefit or ROI is simple: Cost of the digital signage as compared to the additional services requested and administered.

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Brandon Edgerton
DSID New Business Development

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Marketing For Dentist: Digital Signage from DSID

DSID complete digital signage solution for Dentist and those in the Dental Fields is a quintessential marketing tool. Our signage displays custom, motion graphics, which captivates your patients and engages them. Patients are shown information about products and services which entail opens them up too conversation about the preventative & cosmetic services offered by the doctor. 'The patients have taken notice of the signage and have begun to ask both myself and my team about services such as Invisalign & tooth whitening', says Dr. Laurilla of Yardley, PA. DSID's signage is developed to evoke the conversation about products and services which is often, somewhat difficult to discuss. DSID signage is your sales and marketing tool which in a very short time begins to pay big dividends. Signage which lacks the creativity, motion graphics, our marketing content is nothing more than a pretty picture on the wall.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Find DSID at upcoming events meetings including Academy of General Dentistry in Phila, PAO, MASO and the AAO.

DSID is hitting the road to showcase our digital signage solution for dentists, orthodontist, and those in the dental specialties. Throughout the summer and fall we are attending numerous dental/dental specialties meetings here in the northeast. Our custom, dynamic, content is developed specifically for your practice and will turn prospects into new patients. Our subtle marketing messages speak directly to the captive audience seated in your waiting area, causing them to inquire about services and or products. In addition we promote your brand and quantify you as an expert!!! call DSID @ 267-809-7710 to see an in office preview.