Thursday, September 27, 2012

Digital Display Choices For Dentist- Digital Clinic, Kaleidoscope, My Proviewer, Digital Sign ID (few of the choices)

Digital signage for dental professionals is a great way to market directly to your target audience however their are several important things that differentiate the Good from the Bad!

1. Is the content customized & cohesive with the doctor's brand?

2. Is the content viewed Static or Dynamic?

3. Is the content 'marketing rich'?

4. Does the content provide 'infotainment'?

5. Is the content developed by marketing & graphic art pro's?

6. Are there various display options? Ability to display media simultaneously?

7. Social media integration?

8. Does the content engage your audience and create a 'call to action'?

9. Can the signage company provide professional promotional slides?

10. Can you develop customized vendor slides?

Unequivocally their is only 1 company who can offer all 10 above and much more...Digital Sign ID (DSID).

DSID is exclusive to the dental field, was developed by marketing graphic pro's and has an established marketing relationship with dental professionals! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Advertise & Market directly to Patients!

Your waiting area is host to your captive audience, you know the audience who would benefit the most from learning more about the products and services rendered!

Let your patients know about your competitive advantages, products, services and whatever it is that makes you great. DSID provides a perfect marketing tool to convey the perfect message with subtle marketing content. Our digital displays do not 'bore' your audience with info, we provide custom created 'infotainment' specific to your practice and our information is cohesive with your brand.

Considerate turning that person into a patient, or get them to inquire about your services, DSID can make it happen.