Sunday, November 3, 2013

Digital displays marketing tool for Dentists- Visit options at the ADA 2013 Annual Meeting, GNYDM 2013, & ACD Annual Meeting 2014; Digital Sign ID, Kaleidoscope, My ProViewer, Digital Clinic

There are several options for digital signage for the dental profession, just as there are several dentist from which patients can choose from!

When selecting a dentist patients have criteria they consider before entrusting their dental health to a doctor. 
1. Cost
2. Expertise
3. Office environment & technology
4. Personality of the Dentist & Team         +more

Digital signage visual comparison:  Digital Sign ID, Kaleidoscope, My ProViewer, Digital Clinic

When selecting which digital signage is best for your practice consider the following: 
1. What purpose does the signage serve- entertainment, education, strategic marketing tool
2. Viewer engagement & entertaining
3. Features
4. Customized- brand & marketing cohesive
5. Integration of key features- social media & reviews
6. Who manages the system
7. Ability to add practice slides easily
8. Dynamic or static imagery
9. Service & support
10. Creative content

Take a look at the video above displaying the comparisons and call Digital Sign ID for more information regarding our services. 

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  1. Probably all of that ten ideas are the best way to deal with digital signage for your business. People now is not satisfied with what they see in advertising otherwise if you can make it nice and easy to understand.