Monday, February 4, 2013

Social Media Integration

Social Media is a big buzz word these days. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are just a few platforms out there that can help you grow your online presence, improve your search engine results, and interact with your patients, among other things. 

If you have a Facebook page or a Twitter profile, you can now integrate them with DSID digital signage. Displaying your Facebook timeline in-office allows viewers to see your latest posts and get in touch with your humorous/lighter side. It gives them the ability to interact and respond in real-time via their smartphones and tablets, while also providing the opportunity for them to 'Like' your page. Twitter is not as dynamic as Facebook, but can be great for growing a group of followers - if you're a regular Tweeter. But even if you don't Tweet, you can link your Twitter and Facebook posts; so what shows up one, shows up on the other. As far as things go, the more Social Media you are using and displaying, the better, because this will reach a larger audience. 

Another Social Media aspect that we've developed is content that specifically promotes your Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube page. This content informs viewers that you are, in fact, 'with it', while providing them with a QR code that will link directly to the respective media should they choose to scan it with a smartphone.

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